Green Cards

There are several options for foreign workers in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach to obtain employment-based green cards. The most common categories are: EB-1 green cards (people of extraordinary ability); EB-2 green cards (people with advanced degree, exceptional ability, or National Interest Waiver); and EB-3 (Professionals and skilled workers).

EB-1 Green Card

Many foreign entrepreneurs have built successful companies in Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley. A foreign entrepreneur who can demonstrate an extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, or business through sustained national or international acclaim may be able to self-petition for an EB-1 green card.  Read More

EB-2 Green Card

Many people working for Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley companies have attained master’s degrees, possess exceptional ability in a field, or are doing work that is on a national interest level. These applicants may be sponsored for an EB-2 green card.  Read More

EB-3 Green Card

Employees with a bachelor’s degree in a specialized field or with two years of experienced in a skilled area may be sponsored under the EB-3 green card.  Read More